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a salad with tomatoes, onions, olives and chickpeas being drizzled over it
Greek Chickpea Salad in 15 mins
Greek chickpea salad combines juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumber, tender chickpeas, savory olives, and rich feta cheese with creamy and tangy mustard, olive oil, vinegar, and oregano dressing. You’ll love how simple ingredients come together into a flavorful, colorful, vibrant, nutritious, and refreshing meal.
Healthy & Super Tasty Brussels Sprouts Salad
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Creamy Coleslaw (yogurt dressing)
You'll love our homemade coleslaw because it's easy to make with a few simple vegetables, you can prep it in advance, and it's tasty and indulgent while being light and refreshing. The secret is all in the dressing, which we make with a combination of mayonnaise (we use our homemade vegan mayo but any other mayo works) and Greek-style yogurt (non-dairy yogurt works well too). The yogurt makes the recipe much lighter and healthier while keeping it incredibly creamy and fulfilling.
The Jennifer Aniston Viral Cobb Salad 🥗
Heard of the Cobb salad that Jennifer Aniston swears by? @everythingdelish tried it out for you! If you're looking to mix up your salad game, this might just be your next go-to. 🥗 #CobbSalad #Salad #EasyRecipe