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We’re in a holiday mood. Artist Kevin Cyr has designed a camper specifically meant for bicycle riders. The camper was part of a solo exhibition Home in the Weeds at San Francisco’s Geary gallery. But I would have preferred to see it on the campsite.

Camper Karts - A camper and a shopping cart hybrid? Yes, it’s true, Kevin Cyr has done it. Kevin Cyr has created a camper kart that is fit for a trailer par.

Living Off the Grid

tiny bike-trailer home: "The mobile space, which can't be more than thirty square feet, has just enough room for a tiny kitchenette with a built-in bench, a sleeping loft and various drawers and shelves tucked into its nooks and crannies.

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Winnie-Bug-O. Thats funny! Not much of an RV but if you like classic VW the site has it all.

German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns came up with this design for a one-person mini camper, based on the Piaggio APE 50 three wheel scooter.

Bufalino Camper Concept The Bufalino is a small camper which is equipped to meet the basic needs of one person, based on the Piaggio APE 50 three-wheeler. Designed by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns.

The camper is part of an art exhibit called “in the weeds” by Kevin Cyr. very cool looking and has gotten a great deal of interest in this ideal of a mini bicycle camper. They were not really meant to be used in any kind of a practical sense, just for show as an art exhibit.

Bicycle Travel Trailer These are images from the Kevin Cyr art collection. I assume they are his creations. You can go to his website to see more photo's and art.

Ha, ugly as hell but still has an air of genius about it. Eccentric genius maybe but still genius!

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Earthbag Dome. Retreat into silence.

How to build an earthbag dome house. Can you imagine if this was your playhouse? Or your storage shed? Earthbag houses are so stable, efficient, and cheap to build that relief workers build them in all sorts of areas where people need shelter in a hurry