cute coat

yellow coat with black bow I don't love the color (on me) but I love the style

<3 a good coat

My favorite find of the season from Reddoll on Etsy. A military-style, double-breasted wool coat with a high collar, circle metal buttons, .

Portrait of a Palestinian woman, wearing traditional adornment | Just one of the many images that was on display at the Palestinian Estate Exhibition in Johannesburg, 2009, where emphasis was placed on the embroidery and jewellery from the different regions of Palestine.Осанка...

Palestine/Syria/Iraq The headdress/adornment here is usually worn with a robe called a thawb

Amazing silk chiffon ballgown with a medieval tapestry by VahanKhachatryan

Dress: Epic Prints - amazing silk chiffon gown with medieval tapestry print - historical prints, pattern fashion