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three different types of poles with arrows pointing to the top and bottom one is green, while the other two are white
Hacer injertos
Injerto de parche
a lizard that is sitting on a tree branch
La greffe à l'anglaise compliquée, pour les arbres fruitiers.
a drawing of a hand holding a knife and an object in it's left hand
14 DIY ideas for your garden decoration 5
Cuttings and Grafting: How you go about making new plants from old.
a person holding up a tree with mushrooms growing on it
Integrative Medicine & Healthy Living | Andrew Weil, M.D.
Grow Mushrooms on logs at home:
the stages of cutting bamboo stems
30 Diagrams to Make You Master in Growing Roses
Learn everything about "Growing Roses" in 30 Amazing and Educative diagrams.
a tree that has some yellow bags on it
How Far Apart To Plant Grape Tomato Plants
Grafting Methods for Fruit Trees and More
two pictures showing different stages of grafting and root grafting, with text below
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bud grafting and cleft grafting ~ Grafting means joining parts of two or more plants together so that they grow to be one plant. Grafting sometimes occurs naturally when two plants come in contact, but it is a common practice in orchards and other growing operations. A grower joins a cutting from one plant to a root, or to a stem bearing roots, of another plant. The part implanted is called the cion. The plant receiving the cion is the stock. The cion retains the characteristics of the ....
an image of different types of trees with arrows pointing to the top and bottom branches
8,000 Pongamia Seedlings
The energy farming nursery at the Rabgayling Tibetan Settlement is currently growing over 8,000 Pongamia pinnata seedlings. Tending to a nursery of this size requires lots of attention to ensure that the seedlings get the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients. During the summer, temperatures in South India reach as high as 110ºF. Mature Pongamia