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US firm Jensen Architects has revamped a Victorian home in San Francisco with sliding aluminium siding and minimalist interiors to match.

A Historic Victorian in San Francisco Is Meticulously Transformed Into a Modern Family Home - Photo 10 of 26 - The striking interior stair was originally designed as a light well to filter light from above deep into the interior space.

Alamo Square Residence by Jensen Architects – Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration #architecture #building #home #homedesign #interiordesign #inspirationgrid

The stair features custom installations by lighting designer Johanna Grawunder. When turned off, the panels appear as mirrors; when on, reflecting LED lights, giving the twisted stair forms an exaggerated “funhouse-like” effect.

Atelier de Troupe @atelierdetroupe #jeanroyere hotel...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

JEAN ROYÈRE, Living room interior, France, Ours Polaire sofa group Hirondelle wall lights on a custom-made room wrought iron room divider, Persane multiple-armed wall light and Flaque sofa table