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Eating out is fun but it's so expensive and what is really in the stuff they are feeding us? I love the copy Kats ideas and most are really a lot healthier…
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three different views of food in jars with spoons on the side and another photo showing what it looks like
Stupid-Simple Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Recipe
I decided I needed make my own ranch to make Crack Chicken, so I came up with this Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning. #instantpot #crackenchicken #chickenrecipes #chicken via @jamelabypink
Homemade Fruit Roll Up Recipe in the Dehydrator
Homemade Fruit Roll Up Recipe in the Dehydrator
Homemade fruit leather keeps up to a month at room temperature, but it will last longer in the freezer. Learn how to make your own homemade fruit roll up recipe in the dehydrator! #SimplyCanning #FruitLeatherRecipe #FruitLeather
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homemade ketchup from fresh tomatoes in a bowl with text overlay that reads homemade ketchup from fresh tomatoes
How to Make Homemade Ketchup (from Fresh Tomatoes)
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the jam or preserve poster is shown
Canning Help
43 Simple Canning Recipes
jars filled with jam sitting on top of a wooden table
Canning 101: 30 Easy Homemade Jam Recipes You Have to Try
several jars filled with red liquid sitting on top of a white towel next to each other
How to Can without Added Sugar
How to Can without Added Sugar
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Where do you get your vitamins?! In a bottle?! NO!!
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Do These Good Morning Rituals That Will Energize Your Body and Soul
the different types of steaks and how they are made infographicly on this page
19 Ways To Actually Feel Like An Adult This Month
Get ready to fire up the grill and choose a cut of meat (and cooking process) to make sure you get the most out of your money.
All About Oats
Whether you prefer regular rolled oats or Scottish oats, learn about various types of oats, their uses and cook time.
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How Many Mushrooms Have You Tried?
the types of knives that are used to cut meats and other things in order
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Latest News, Videos & Guest Interviews from the Today Show on NBC