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Metal Sawing
the earrings are made with red glass beads and gold plated metal wire, hanging from a hook
Pin by Carmen Petry on M E R I D A - orange Puppenfigur-----Was haltet Ihr von Schach ? | Button crafts, Fruit, Crafts
two square shaped earrings with wire wrapped around them
Twins with prehnite beads
two pairs of earrings with green beads and copper hoops on a metal tray,
the earrings are made out of copper wire and have spiral designs on each earring
Handmade Silver Jewelry – Sea Glass Treasures
the earrings are made from silver wire
the earrings are made out of wood and silver wire, with spiral designs on them
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Handmade Silver Jewellery, Necklace Organizer
two pieces of copper and blue glass sitting on top of a white cloth covered surface
Upcycled Chromed Copper Artisan Earrings • Recyclart