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Pipping art, tiara , mehndi corner patterns Royal Icing or buttercream

WineWall – Il portabottiglie di design da parete di SOB - Shaping Outside the Box su

WineWall is a modern and minimal bottle rack made of acrylic. Available in black or transparent version, WineWall can contain up to six bottles of wine. Suitable for domestic use or commercial activities, the new wine rack by SOB adapts easily to differen

Coco-Lined Rail Mount Planter | The Lakeside Collection:

Vuoi rinnovare il tuo giardino, ma non hai idee? Eccone 37, la N°31 e 32 sono da copiare!!!

Coco-Lined Rail Mount Planter lets you hang flowers or greenery off the railing of your front porch, backyard deck or apartment balcony. The metal hanger slips right over the railing and adjusts by hand without tools to fit rail widths up to