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10 Summer Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin, check it out at

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I chose this picture because it tells us about UVA and UVB. UVA is the basic cause of dots on skin, and UVB is what usually causes sunburn. Make sure to look out for dots/sunburn and stay out of the sun.

I chose this sun safety infographic because it demonstrated who is most likely to get skin cancer , preventions and many more.

Prevent Aging Skin – What You Need to Know.......What to slow down the aging process? Then, follow these 8 dietary & lifestyle tips and make sure that your skin care products contain these anti-aging ingredients. Consider a skin care treatment to address hyperpigmentation or cosmetic treatment to fix fine lines, wrinkles & more.

Infographic: Prevent Aging Skin What You Need To Know// Fulvic Acid is the most complex Acid found in nature, with over 60 trace metals. It is also the most effective free radical scavenger found naturally and cannot be synthesized. Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Most percentage of people die from skin cancer rather than any other cancers and also the statistics of exposer to UV in a lifetime.

I chose this pin because it shows skin cancer and sun safety tips and find the right sun protection products for you.