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Pizza in Bodrum..

Pizza in Bodrum.

Innovative, Monowheel, 1933.  This is real!

Invented by M. Goventosa de Udine in the one wheeled motorcycle. Little is known about de Udine (not shown), even if he was the sole inventor. What is known is that this one wheeled motorcycle could reach speeds of How's that for scary steampunk!

old car

When you talk about old school Japanese cars, there's one car that tops them all. Part owner of Speed Shop OSR Dyno Tuning, Paul Bischoff took a 1971 Nissan Skyline and threw in a new motor.

... by Mojlo Photography, via 500px

by Mojlo Photography, via images-that-simply-move-me

Basic Light set ups with examples of light/shadow patterns on faces

In this article I will provide use with some diagrams of light patterns and its brief descriptions. The intention of this article is to introduce these names and light setups, which you will encounter among photographers.

Macro Lilium

Macro Lilium

One of the best..

Apocalypse Now - Dubai, UAE - Nima Moghim Nima is a photographer that clearly takes images for himself and others who enjoy an eclectic style and taste. This subway undergoes an amazing transformation in his image. With its’ gr