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Charlie Pizza by is a new restaurant project designed by In Arch and is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Photos by Leon Garbačauskas

Zizzi italian restaurant branding

Garden bar interior: possibly booth type seating at perimeter, however high style to match scattered high rounds and stools ?

The backdoors to Ryker's house.

Steel french windows

Steel french windows ensure there is abundant natural light in the sitting room of this Manhattan house. Bonnie Robinson reveals where to source similar in this month's instalment of The knowledge.

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Packaging Inspiration

This mini pizza packaging is one of a kind because it is functional by having space for the pizza and utensils, it is convenient for someone on the go and the design is appropriate for an office woman who likes to accentuate her style.

Swift Justice: French blues and dark hues make this cozy pub a winter winner. - Winter 2012

Love the commercial wall. Swift Justice - Austin Home Magazine - Winter 2012 - Austin, TX - blue industrial interior

Piano piano. Italian restaurant# restaurant design by Nir portal architects …

Italian restaurant# restaurant design by Nir portal architects - Inspiration for Restaurant in Middle East by SI Architects

Pizza place menu on Behance Plus

A very rough and artsy design that gives a very strong fresh hand drawn feeling. The negative space is used well by images of food and cooking items leaving a nice showcase that entices and draws int he viewer.