Erhan Altıparmak

Erhan Altıparmak

Erhan Altıparmak
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Practicidad y geometría simple.

Mesa rebatible - - Il Tavolo Mastro / Studio Gumdesign Масштабировать Фото This is such a cool idea. Can't manufacture a metal top but could it be adapted to wood top with metal chanel to slide legs into? hmm something to muse

Phoenix Lineart by ~RavenWhitefang on deviantART

Pheonix Tattoo with less flames &' in purple &' black ink for fibro. Tail that forms ribbon in blue and pink. say that the bird was even more beautiful after rising from the flames. for my Sarah Phoenix

Viking Dragon Outline2 by vikingtattoo on deviantART

would be a cool tattoo also. This would be beautiful done in batiks on a quilt. Viking Dragon by ~vikingtattoo on deviantART that's a carving.....

I've seen the ancient work of vikings in the stavkrikens, but it's even better to see the work in progress in modern days. Norsk Wood Works Norwegian Wood Carvers and Carving Woods.

These dressers are so adorable! This is the type of furniture that belong in a child's room. It sort of reminds me of the furniture that come alive in Beauty and the Beast.

On this summer weekend, we look with wonder at delightful dressers and drawers that toss aside conventions. Here are unusual ways to store your stuff, courtesy of Straight Line Designs.