Abraham Lake - North Saskatchewan River - Western Alberta, Canada HoHo Pics Learn how to detox your life !

Medival, Эдинбург, Шотландия

Scotland I've been here! It's a stunning place, so much history! Medieval ~ Edinburgh, Scotland @ Deedidit D.

#Tropea Town, #Calabria , Southern #Italy http://en.directrooms.com/hotels/subregion/2-31-1425/

The Calabria region in Italy. Calabria is one of the oldest regions of Italy with the first evidence of human presence dating as far back as BC.

Highlands Castle, Loch Laggan in Scotland

For some reason, at this angle, this looks like a castle people could actually live in. "Highlands Castle, Loch Laggan in Scotland"

Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Railway Station), Berlin, German located top of the photograph. Over trains enter this station everyday. It is also one of the biggest and most beautiful railway stations in Europe.

The Crooked House of Windsor - The Oldest Teahouse in England - This is wonderful, isn't it? It is a free-standing building too. (Content in a Cottage) I grew up in a crooked house in Windsor, CA!

The medieval walled town of Siena ~ Italy. An incredible place and experience.not to be missed if in Tuscany! And yes, this is the same place as in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

Lichtenstein castle near Vienna, Austria - Lichtenstein castle is one of the most remarkable medieval fortified buildings throughout Austria.