Antalya, Turkey

If you get a chance to visit Istanbul city dont forget to go and see those reflective stones. People named this as The Stone Mirror. In this picture the way the stone mirror reflected that building really amazes me. Definitely want to get there one day!

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey

Hagia Sophia - Istanbul, Turkey The original Hagia Sophia built on this site during the fourth century by Constantine has long been destroyed, but was rebuilt between 532 and 537 under Emperor Justinian I.

Istanbul, Turkey

1002 Lights Süleymaniye Mosque is only one of the numerous mosques in Istanbul. Always a perfect place to sit down and relax from the city’s ubiquitous hullabaloo.

Turkey (again)

Republic of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti, English: The Republic of Turkey) is a country spanning Europe and Asia, including land Anatolian peninsula in Western Asia and Southern Europe, the Balkans, eastern Thrace region.

The Hagia Sophia Istanbul,Turkey

Hagia Sophia, completed in 16 years time, was damaged several times by earthquakes and fires, but repaired renovated and kept in use by the succeeding generations.

ZINBAD Boutique Hotel Turkey

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The famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey.

The one thing that really struck me about the interior of the Hagia Sophia was the marble.