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40 different ways to tie your shoes.
a wire christmas tree is hanging on the side of a wooden wall next to a teddy bear
If You Don't Want To Go Through With The Whole Pine Tree Thing Again This Year, Here Are 19 Christmas Tree Alternatives
a red toolbox with drawers and tools inside it that says u s general on the side
20 Best Harbor Freight Tools for DIYers
20 Things DIYers Should Always Buy at Harbor Freight
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a brick wall and ceiling covered in windows
Renovated Railroad Depot
a wooden table that has been made into a sculpture with multiple sections cut out and placed on the floor
DIY Cascade Stand Made with Scrap Lumber | Handcrafted by Jason Cooper
This is a very simple project that can be done with the scrap lumber that most of us have laying around the shop. All you need to do is square up the edges of your leftover 2x’s and rip them to the correct widths. You can complete this project in no time.
a white plastic skull with intricate designs on it's face and head, against a black background
The 10 Coolest Things Made by the 3D Printing Revolution
I reeeeeeally want a 3D printer http://3dprintmastermind.com/category/3d-printing-tips/
a blue butterfly with white spots on it's wings
Draw a butterfly with 3D pen • Maypop Studio
a pink and blue butterfly sitting on top of a bed
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