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a long hallway with stone walls and lights on either side of the wall, leading to another room
a long hallway with lights on both sides and an archway leading to another room in the background
Gallery of Divan Kuruçeşme Venue / GAD Architecture - 15
Gallery of Divan Kuruçeşme Venue / GAD Architecture + Metex Design Group - 15
a mirror that is on the side of a wall next to a potted plant
- Tropical apartment -
- Tropical apartament - on Behance
an empty room with white walls and lights on the ceiling, along with a plant in a pot
Modern Fall Celling Modern| False Ceiling Design For Bedroom| Modern False Ceiling Design For Hall
modern fall celling modern false ceiling design for bedroom modern false ceiling design for hall
a room divider made out of wood and metal with large windows on each side
Gallery of Pingyao Diesel Engine Factory Renovation / Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University - 11
a building that has a large screen on it
Manuelle Gautrand Architecture Cinema Alesia Paris | Floornature
The new main façade of the Cinema Alesia in Paris, recently renovated to plans by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, invites the public to go right into the image, in an immersive experience featuring today’s most advanced cinema audio and video systems. #Architecture #Design
a large bath tub sitting inside of a bathroom
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a car is parked in front of a building with glass walls and stairs on the side
Wamhouse Studio turns corporate logos into houses