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Pokemon backgrounds

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BW2 Touko by Pikiru on DeviantArt

One layer painting practice once again! Got messier but oh well BW2 Touko


heyaaa guys! that's my pokéblog! hope u enjoy it • my ninento fc: 2750-2100-1292 • pls inbox me yours if you plan on adding me! [ jun. 16, 2014. ♡ ]

りふ@多忙 (@rif_rif_)


A wild booty appears!


Fire Emblem Fans Unite! • r/fireemblem

A subreddit to discuss the Fire Emblem series of games, and associated media. Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical role-playing video game franchise...

No pinterest. No I will not.

People who think being random makes them funny or interesting.

Pokémon Image #1712747 - Zerochan Anime Image Board

View and download this 650x650 Pokémon image with 58 favorites, or browse the gallery.

Media Tweets by 瑠宇🇳🇱 (@pktno)

The latest media Tweets from 瑠宇🇳🇱 (@pktno). 絵の転載/使用/加工禁止.DON'T use/repost my works.Don't pin to Pinterest.◆本垢@na_ruo0 ソシャゲ@108kuncawaii /通知見てません✉︎お仕事は1月以降〜). 無断転載・クソコラ・夢・性転換など苦手なので自衛Bします

Pkmn- Payback time by meru-chan on DeviantArt

It's payback time! for well, that one time. an eye for an eye and.....well.....yeah.... Tools: SAI, Photoshop Pkmn- Payback time

being meguca is suffering

Here have some Ferriswheelshipping. Source:

The Safari Zone

あなただけの物語 by ユザ ※Permission to upload given by artist. Do not repost/edit. Don't forget to bookmark & rate!

Pokémex: Photo

Tumblr oficial de Pokémex. Aquí bloguearemos y rebloguearemos cosas que nos parezcan cool y que tengan que ver con Pokémon o con videojuegos. Ah, y por supuesto, frases que nos encontremos en el chat de Pokémex y querramos que pasen a la posteridad. También puedes enviarnos contenido que quieras que publiquemos o enviarnos preguntas e intentaremos responderlas.

World of Our Fantasy

tomiokajiro2009: “2018 ”

Hi! by Moochirin on DeviantArt

Quick fanart of Touko from Pokemon, hope you like it *^* Check out my Redbubble store for posters, phone cases…... Hi!