We Like Knitting: Rosabel Cardigan - Free Pattern

This beautiful Rosabel knitted baby cardigan has a lovely vintage feel and look about it. The lace cardigan comes in 4 different sizes .


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Ravelry: Wee Scottish Fisherman's Sweater pattern by Liz Sorenson

Wee Scottish Fisherman's Sweater pattern by Liz Sorenson

Чудесные орнаменты мастерицы Ирины Русяевой (Гармаш): Дневник группы «ВЯЖЕМ ПО ОПИСАНИЮ»: Группы - женская социальная сеть myJulia.ru

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Wonderful ornaments masters Irina Rusyaeva (Garmash): Diary of the "Knitting by…

Bellyphant Baby Cardigan by Jennifer Little - $$4.99

Bellyphant Baby Cardigan pattern by Jennifer Little

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I found this on Boden and wanted to share it with you

Baby Boden Logo Sweater: "Lovely light-hearted logos on our soft, machine washable yarn, with a touch of cashmere for extra softness. Did we say this is a soft jumper?


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