Hoja de jeans vestido de verano (clase magistral) / los pantalones vaqueros / Alteración Las manos - los modelos, alteración de la ropa, decoración de interiores con sus propias manos - en la segunda calle

Умелые ручки

The bodice of jeans sundress (master class) / Alteration jeans / hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with their hands - on Second Street

Светлана Томина - Картинки из Интернета (смешение техник) | OK.RU

Светлана Томина - Картинки из Интернета (смешение техник) | OK.RU

Bottle Cap Chime ima do this with my bottlecaps. i has a lot of cola and mexican bottlecaps lul Visit & Like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rustic-Farmhouse-Decor/636679889706127

Bottle Cap Chime (Kelli Nina Perkins)

Kelli Nina Perkins: Bottle Cap Chime - love the bright, happy colors! Perhaps some bottle cap garland might be in my crafty to-do list now!

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Marisabel crochet:  <!--more-->

A céu aberto esquema de crochet blusa 1 / Ажурная блуза крючком схема 1 / Openwork crochet blouse scheme 1

DIY Mosaic Table | Bottle cap mosaic coffee table

DIY Coffee Table Top with Bottle Caps. I wouldn't do a coffee table like this, but this would make a fabulous mosaic art project for the littles!

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