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23 Phrases for Disagreeing in Speaking - English Grammar Here

23 Phrases for Disagreeing in Speaking (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); That’s partly t

How to Win and Influence People [Infographic]

An infographic with the essential principles from Dale Carnegie on how to win and influence people - key ability in business.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

The trees are starting to bud and the weather is warming up. Spring is just around the corner so you can use this spring checklist infographic to clean.

Homemaking Books You Need for a Well Kept House

Every homemaker needs a shelf of books for inspiration and practical advice. These are my favorite homemaking picks for a cozy read.

The Personality Test We're Obsessed With (Enneagram) - Jenna Kutcher

We're talking about the enneagram personality test and how it relates to running a business and the relationships in your life on the Goal Digger Podcast.

Collaborating with the Enemy by Adam Kahane: 9781626568228 | Books

Collaboration is increasingly difficult and increasingly necessary Often, to get something done that really matters to us, we need to work with people...

100 Helpful Ways That'll Get You Seriously Organized - Everything Abode

Balancing a job, doing laundry, working out, money, bills… And trying to have a social life makes it very easy to feel disorganized. Let’s face it, things can get complicated and messy really fast, that at some point, we all think we need superhero capabilities to harness a truly organized life. But when life is...Read More »

10 Things To Do Every Month To Be Super Organised

10 things at the beginning of every month to ditch the unnecessary stress and organise the things that matter most.

The Living Well Planner Review - The Best Life Planner I've Found!

Everything you need to know about The Living Well Planner in this Living Well Planner Review. Compare The Living Well Planner vs. Erin Condren Life Planner.

42 Hacks to Live Below Your Means *Without* the Headache!

Want to live better while spending less money? Check out our 41 frugal tips to thrive while living on less money.

12 Things We Don't Spend Money On

Are you looking for ways to reduce your monthly spending, save more money, get out of debt? Here's a list of 12 things we stopped spending money on and still don't spend on even after 12 years of debt freedom. It's awesome to see how a list like this can get your mental wheels turning.

7 Time Management Tips No One Teaches

Read my post about seven steps anyone can cultivate to better time management.

How to Respond When Clients Think You Are Too Expensive — Janna Lynn Design

If you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time, you’ve heard this objection from clients before. Your first reaction as a designer would be to get offended, but sometimes, clients think this way because of preconceived notions about the industry and the value of your services. Before

11 Habits You Need to Stop

Here's a list of 11 habits you need to stop in order to be successful. Harmful habits hurt you. Here's a list of the top habits causing you pain.

8 Secrets For Memorizing Things Easily

In this article you will find very useful tips that will help you for memorizing things easily. If you are among the people who are struggling to remember names of people you’ve met, small details, or some other details from films or books, you should know that this is something you can improve. One German [...]

How To Be Classy — 21 Characteristics of an Elegant & Sophisticated Woman - Hello Bombshell!

Cultivating how to be a classy woman is a characteristic that every feminine young lady should refine. That’s because although many societal trends may come and go, being a classy, elegant and sophisticated woman is something that will never go out of style. But in a society where it’s normalized to fly in flip flops, … How To Be Classy — 21 Characteristics of an Elegant & Sophisticated Woman Read More »