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a cluster of red crystals with white and brown speckles on them, against a black background
a cluster of pink crystals sitting on top of a rock
Calcite - China
some kind of rock sitting on top of a white table next to another piece of wood
Red Opal: Very Rare Opal Color | Geology In
Red Opal
Ruby, Marble - Myanmar
Ruby, Marble
Ruby, Marble - Myanmar
an orange and black rock with a crystal on top
Imperial Topaz
Imperial Topaz - Pakistan
some very pretty pink crystals on a white surface
Cleavelandite, Fluorite
Cleavelandite, Fluorite - Russia
two large pink crystals sitting on top of a white rock next to another purple object
Red Beryl
Red Beryl - Utah, USA
A hidden treasure! The copper oxide mineral cuprite occurs in sharply defined crystals
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a very pretty pink and silver mountain peak
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a large pink crystal standing on top of a table
Tourmaline with cleavelandite and lepidolite, Paprok Mine, Kamdesh District, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan. Photo credit: Fabian Wildfang Signature.