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Here you'll find some of our favorite wedding cakes, made with love for our amazing clients!
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a vanilla almond cake on a plate with the words soft & moist vanilla almond cake
Vanilla Almond Cake - A Bakery Recipe
When it comes to wedding cake ideas, the Vanilla Almond Cake is a sure hit. This bakery recipes is one of the most popular wedding cakes in Amycakes Bakery, and is also sought-after for special events like Mother's Day. The surprising part about this cake is the texture--it is soft and light, and yet rich and moist all at the same time. Plus the extra buttery almond flavor really sets it apart from a typical white cake or vanilla cake. Check out our full Vanilla Almond Cake recipe on the blog!
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a white wedding cake with pink flowers on top and the words 7 best wedding cake flavors
7 Best Wedding Cake Flavors
At Amycakes Bakery, I helped hundreds of couples find the perfect wedding cake flavor. Learn my insider tips and find the seven best wedding cake flavors (and bakery-tested recipes) to make your wedding cake better than you ever dreamed of! Make your June wedding perfect by picking out the best wedding cake flavors for your special day!
the ultimate wedding cake flavor vanilla almond cake with a secret bakery recipe on top that is so delicious and easy to make
Vanilla Almond Cake: the ultimate wedding cake flavor
This secret recipe from Amycakes bakery was my most popular flavor and most requested recipe! Vanilla Almond cake is buttery, flavorful, extra-moist and soft. It pairs perfectly with creamy Vanilla Almond Buttercream. It is a true crowd pleaser for weddings and special occasions—your guests will be raving about the flavor and texture! Get the recipe and additional bakery recipes and secret ingredients at
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a wedding cake with the letter b on top
Ascending Rosettes Tiered Cake
Ascending Rosettes Tiered Cake
a three tiered wedding cake sitting on top of a silver platter next to a brick wall
A favorite at the Historic Firehouse
a wedding cake with a bride and groom on top
there is a white cake with pink flowers on the top and gold sequins
a three tiered white cake with a gold flower on top
a three tiered cake with purple and silver frosting
Glamour and romance
a wedding cake with two birds on top
a three tiered wedding cake with white frosting and black silhouettes on top
Secret Bakery Recipes For Your Home Kitchen