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purple and yellow flowers in front of a wooden fence with text overlay that reads, 1 offset florals with an olive tone
several tomatoes on the ground with one cut in half and four whole ones still attached
3 New Tomato Varieties with Award-Winning Flavor to Add to Your Garden
some white flowers are blooming in the garden
Mock orange varieties: 15 stunning types of philadelphus
several wooden boxes filled with dirt and plants
What Is A Pallet Raised Bed: How To Make A Pallet Garden Bed
Pallet Collar Garden Bed – Constructing A Raised Bed Out Of Pallet Collars
Bring Your Garden To Life with These 25 Small Garden Designs
Let’s be honest; the whole thing about climate change and sustainable living at least has infiltrated your mind to do something with your garden. However, not all people have the privilege to capitalize on the garden. So, even if it’s just a balcony, a tiny courtyard, or a small backyard, you can always bring them to life. There are some small garden design ideas you can try.
an image of a stone path in the garden with flowers and plants around it on instagram
Gardenista Urban Agriculture
a white wall with some plants growing on it
23 Functional Cucumber Trellis Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Your Harvest
a stone path with grass and bushes in the background
Backyard hardscape and Patios Presented by PlantsGalore.Com
stone & brick major WOWfactor. This must be wet. Would like to see it dry.
a person walking down a sidewalk with purple flowers on the ground and grass growing all over it Patio, Lawn & Garden
Red creeping thyme. Had creeping thyme in NC as part of one of the beds, would use it again in a heartbeat
a garden with rocks and plants growing in it
Making A Dry Creek Bed Drainage Canal for Downspouts