Pretty leaf hat, here's the link to the Ravelry pattern page:

Love it, Leaf it Beret pattern by Melissa LaBarre

Mail - mozinha etche - Outlook

Hand embroidery takes this simple knit cardigan from plain vanilla to spectacular. I've saved two or three patterns I could embellish like this. (Okay, I probably have a hundred patterns I could spiff up like this!

All in one top down and Starting out dress

All in one top down and Starting out dress Pattern for inverted hearts

Evimize döndük,kaldığımız yerden devam  Roba artışları bitti,govdeyi ve kolları ayırıp,örgü sepetinde beklemeye almak zorundayım. Bitirmem gereken yarım bir hırka var.

Baby girl jacket: top down raglan with faux eyelet cables and flared back

Ravelry: thewittyknitter's Vintage Baby Set

thewittyknitter's Vintage Baby Set

Ravelry: ma9's Coat for a princess

Manteau de petite fille au point irlandais et son bonnet [ "Exquisite! No pattern, but lovely inspiration. Ravelry: Coat for a princess", "fancy cabling sweater kid Ravelry: Coat for a princess" ] # # # # # # # # # #