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Wedding Decor

Premade artificial garland, embellished with flowers. (DIY Wedding Getaway Garland by Rosegolden Flowers via Once Wed, photos by Odalys Mendez, styling Ginny Au.

❤️I want to say this is a strand of garland which can be bought at any craft store. Some come with flowers and others are plain. But it's so easy to glue silk roses to the garland, just Like the picture. All the craft stores sale all sizes of suction cups.❤️

The complex decoration is an important enhancement to the party scene, especially for a show like a bath. Car Decoration today is an impor…

Grande décoration - coeurs et des roses sur une voiture en marche

Rattan hearts and dark pink roses with leaves Two big hearts on the front embellished with beads 4 hearts on the door windows Two hearts on the rear window with beads 24 seperate roses. Decoration is safe for car paint - mounted on suction cups

Авторский курс Айи Жагариной "Свадебная флористика: букеты, авто"

Авторский курс Айи Жагариной "Свадебная флористика: букеты, авто"