Técnica de emenda de fios

No Ends to Weave In! Join Wool Seamlessly with the Felted Join

Как незаметно соединить два вязаных полотна..

узоры и шпаргалки.спицы.

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Texture knitting pattern: just knits and purls ~~

Узор. Мастер Татьяна Л. | Клубок


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Как красиво сделать карман в вязанном изделии

Как красиво сделать карман в вязанном изделии

Beautiful blanket with a new stitch that I would love to learn how to do it.

No "Amazing texture stitch! Text is in Russian, but there are many more clear pictures. The stitch looks beautiful on either the knit or the purl side. I'm looking forward to trying this great technique." comment via