Ocean Dreams Art Collection

This stunning collection by Andi Garbarino is the perfect way to bring the beauty of the ocean into your home. The rich blue hues and gentle waves are sure to…
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the ocean inspired art book cover is shown
Whale/Shark Wonder — Andi Garbarino Fine Art
Explore the beauty and wonder of a deep sea voyage with Andi Garbarino's Whale/Shark Wonder art piece. Featuring an intricate mix of ink and watercolor, this awe-inspiring piece of art captures the majesty of two of the ocean's most magnificent creatures. Perfect for any room in your home, Whale/Shark Wonder is sure to add a captivating touch of the sea to your decor.
the front cover of breaking point, with blue and white paint on it's surface
"Breaking Point" Original Abstract Painting inspired by the Ocean
Discover the power of Andi Garbarino's unique use of color and texture in her paintings. Breaking Point is a vivid and energetic piece that showcases her emotional use of color and movement. Whether you’re looking to bring vibrant energy to your home or leverage the composition to evoke a powerful emotion, this piece is the perfect addition to any art collection.
the front cover of an illustrated book with hand holding up a piece of paper that reads ocean inspired art
Ocean Inspired Art
Marvel at the beauty and mystery of the sea with this stunning Whale/Shark Wonder painting by artist Andi Garbarino. This hand-painted fine art piece captures the majesty and awe of inspiring ocean creatures in perfect detail, bringing the vibrant colors and graceful movements of the sea to life on watercolor paper. This exquisite wall art is perfect for any room, and its unique style and subject matter will make it the perfect addition to your home.
the cover of breaking point magazine with blue and green paint
"Breaking Point" Abstract Painting by Andi Garbarino
Andi Garbarino's "Breaking Point" is a powerful visual metaphor of the emotions we experience when reaching our limits as a breaking wave. Combining abstract shapes and energetic colors, this art piece beautifully invites you to reflect on the inner struggle within and beyond and be inspired to break through.
the front cover of breaking point magazine, featuring blue and white paint on canvases
Breaking Point — Andi Garbarino Fine Artist
Let Andi Garbarino take you to the edge with her painting “Breaking Point”. This powerful masterpiece features wave breaking upon dark sand at midnight. Through her work, Andi seeks to capture the intensity of emotional and psychological struggle with searing realism and raw, emotional truth. Feel the tension that radiates off this painting, and experience the emotional depths of Andi’s work.
small works magazine cover with blue and white art work on the wall behind it, along with photos of abstract paintings
Small Works: Tiny Canvas Ocean Paintings by Andi Garbarino
Tiny canvas paintings can be a great way to add a splash of color to small spaces! These tiny art canvases bring a touch of life to otherwise dull interiors. They can easily be hung in any room, and their size makes them surprisingly versatile. Each original tiny canvas is a little snapshot of the ocean, and they can be used to create interesting focal points in small spaces. Select your favorite to make the most out of small spaces in your home and incorporate them into your interior design!
the cover of breaking point magazine, featuring blue and orange paint on white paper with green leaves
Breaking Point — Andi Garbarino Fine Art
Discover the captivating beauty of true vulnerability in the artwork of Andi Garbarino. Through her emotionally charged abstract fluid acrylics, each piece is designed to challenge, move and inspire. Break through the walls and take a journey into the darkest corners of the soul with her powerful, bold and thought-provoking artwork. Experience a completely new way of seeing the world around you with Andi Garbarino Fine Art.
the cover of an article about ocean inspired art, with two pictures of mountains in pink and
Whale/Shark Wonder — Andi Garbarino Fine Art
Step into a world of wonder with Andi Garbarino Fine Art's Whale/Shark art print. Vibrant pinks and subtle blues combine to show the majesty and grace of these ocean creatures. Let your imagination run wild – the only limits are your own. Andi Garbarino's Fine Art brings you closer to the wonders of nature with this one-of-a-kind piece of art. Feel the energy of the sea and make it yours.
two paintings on the wall above a couch with pillows and a cat laying on it
Ocean Inspired Art for Your Home
I love spending my days creating beautiful artwork inspired by the ocean! I feel so lucky to be able to live and work by the sea. Every day I am reminded of the amazing power and beauty of nature.
some paint and other items are laying on a table next to a potted plant
Ocean Dreams Art Collection
This art collection is inspired by beautiful ocean dreams. It includes serene blue hues and whitecaps, crashing against rocky cliff sides. The collection captures the feeling of being by the ocean, with all of its beauty and mystery. Follow to see more artwork!
a painting is being made with acrylic paint and watercolors on the table
Ocean Dreams — Shop Gifts — Andi Garbarino Fine Art
This stunning piece by Andi Garbarino is the perfect way to bring the beauty of the ocean into your home. The rich blue hues and gentle waves are sure to create a calming atmosphere in any room. Whether you're looking for a unique gift for a friend or a special treat for yourself, this ocean-inspired piece is sure to please.
a blue and white flower painted on a black plate next to some other art supplies
Ocean Dreams Abstract Paintings
Step into an other-worldly realm when you add the Ocean Dreams Painting Collection to your art collection today. These magical paintings feature ocean waves in a variety of colors and styles, making them the perfect addition to your home decor.
some blue and white art work on a shelf in a room with other items behind it
Ocean Inspired Paintings
Looking for some artwork to spruce up your beach house? Check out the Ocean Dreams Art Collection! This collection features beautiful ocean-inspired paintings that will add a touch of the sea to any room. Follow to see more artwork!
blue and orange art work displayed on table next to green plant with flowers in the background
Ocean Dreams Art Collection
This vibrant art collection features ocean-themed paintings that will transport you to a peaceful place. The calming colors and serene imagery will create a perfect atmosphere in any room. Follow to see more artwork!
two paintings are hanging on the wall next to each other, one is blue and white
Sea and Sky (After the Rain) — Andi Garbarino Fine Art