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jeff koons art | How does Koons's painting process differ from the process of ten years ...

Jeff Kons, Coloring Book, mirror polished stainless steel with transparent colour coating - a more abstract piece of art, which i appreciate more than his more straight forward work. this is a lot more free flowing and expressive

Easter Egg by Jeff Koons | issyparis

cracked egg by Jeff Koons - 2008 - Sculpture / Object - Metal Jeff Koons at great prices - Buy and sell your artworks on kunzt.

BANALITY 1988 Jeff Koons. HOW beautiful this could be re-imagined with available materials, especially polymer clays, or metal clays.

Christ and the Lamb gilded wood and mirror 79 x 55 x 7 inches x x cm © Jeff Koons Edition of 3 plus AP 198