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a paper doll made to look like a woman with black hair and colorful buttons around her neck
someone is holding up a card with flowers in the shape of a heart
a greeting card with rolled up flowers on it
Easy quilling tutorial
different shapes and sizes of paper quilled shapes on a white board with words written below
Paper Quilling Instructions
a close up of a cake on a plate with paper flowers and ribbons around it
And even more cards.....
Quilly Nilly: And even more cards.....
a pink and white paper cross with scissors on it's side, sitting on top of a piece of fabric
a small white dog with long hair standing next to a green leafy plant on a white surface
an artistically designed card with sunflowers and leaves on it's side
Summer Flowers Quilling
a close up of a greeting card with a sunflower on it's side
Quilly Nilly
two pieces of pink plastic sitting on top of a white surface with swirly designs
Paper Quilling Baby Footprints
some flowers are hanging from hooks on the wall
Forget-Me-Not Mobile
an origami string art project with the words christmas quilling crafting lights on it
Easy Quilled Christmas Lights Kids Christmas Craft Idea
a drawing of a pink flower with green leaves on it's center and purple petals in the middle
a blue and white crab brooch sitting on top of a table
Colorful Quilled Paper Designs by Sena Runa — Colossal