Dustin Hoffman by Ara Güler

Dustin Hoffman, 1974 Magnum unearths a collection of photos from their Paris vault that haven’t been seen in decades. Photo by Ara Güler

istanbul | foto: ara güler

One that looks indeterminate in time. Via An Exquisite Paradox

Credit: Ara Guler/Magnum Traditional wooden Ottaman-era house, 1968 #Vintage #Istanbul #pictures

Vintage Istanbul - in pictures

Credit: Ara Guler/Magnum In the courtyard of the Eyüp Sultan tombs, 1958 #Vintage #Istanbul #pictures

Vintage Istanbul - in pictures

The Magnum photographer Ara Güler was born in Istanbul in 1928 to ethnic Armenian parents. His images of his home city take viewers back in time through an Istanbul that has changed at breakneck speed

Ara Guler - Bing Images

Ara Güler- Sophia Loren poses with flowers on the balcony of the Carlton hotel on May 1959