Sacs et leurs grilles gratuites , au Crochet ! - Crochet Passion

Here are a whole bunch of purse patterns. I also threw in some mobile phone patterns I found.

Wayuu Boho Bags with Crochet Patterns

Cabo Wayuu Mochila bags are intricate in their designs, can take approximately 18 days to weave. Hand Woven Strap using woven one thread. Handmade in South America by the indigenous Wayuu people.


Hats- A Great Resource Here! Four Basic Ways to Increase or Decrease for the Crown of a Hat(depending on whether you start your hat at the bottom- the brim- or the top). And to be Extra Handy, they put all of them into Chart Form!!!67646362.jpeg!!67646362.jpeg

patroon verkrijgbaar

patroon verkrijgbaar