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Anise Fleur
Turkish Tea


Malaysia-based professional food writer and photographer explore street food, ingredients, and culinary traditions in Asia and beyond.

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Cilbir (Turkish Poached Eggs in Yogurt) | SAVEUR

Turkish Poached Eggs in Yogurt (Cilbir)

Poached eggs atop garlic-and-dill-infused yogurt is a perfect dish to sop up with warm bread.

Turkish Sweet Churros | giverecipe.com | #dessert #churros #turkish
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Turkish Sweet Churros

1 review
35 minutes

Turkish sweet churros are fried and dipped into syrup. A crunchy and sweet street food!

Turkish pizza with spicy mince (lahmacun)
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Turkish pizza with spicy mince (lahmacun)

This oval-shaped flatbread topped with spicy lamb or beef mince is Turkey’s take on pizza. Originating in the country’s south-east province of Gaziantep, it’s topped with salad or pickles and lemon juice, then rolled up and eaten on the go.

Turkish coffee cezve
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Turkish coffee cezve

Mantı - Turkish Dumplings.

Türk ev mantısı / Homemade turkish dumplings

Mantı - Turkish Dumplings.

Imam Bayildi, Eggplant Stuffed Tomatoes


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Pestil (a Turkish dessert which is made by dried layers of fruid pulps)

Pestil (a Turkish dessert which is made by dried layers of fruid pulps)

Village-style feta borek with Sujuk and smoked eggplant mayonnaise

Village-style feta börek

22 reviews
75 minutes

The secret to making these spicy sausage and feta stuffed pastries is to brush a mixture of water, oil and a little bit of salt over the top before baking. This really is the difference between the amazing börek I had in Turkey and the ones I’d been cooking at home. It’s worth seeking out the yufka pastry, too – while filo is an okay substitute, it just isn’t the same! The smoked eggplant mayo will make more than you need, but trust me, it’s so good it won’t go to waste.

Stuffed eggplant with lamb or beef (karniyarik) recipe : SBS Food
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Stuffed eggplant with lamb or beef (karniyarik)

224 reviews
1 hour

This is everyone’s favourite in Turkey. I know it is another eggplant (aubergine) dish, but it is simply exquisite. Long, slender purple eggplants are ideal for this recipe, if you can get them — just leave them whole for the pan-frying step, rather than cutting them in half. Here I’ve used the round chubby ones; make sure yours don’t have seeds in them, as these can make the flesh taste bitter. You can also make this dish using boneless, skinless chicken thighs instead of the lamb or beef.

Green walnuts in syrup! Yum....

Try these Unique Turkish Desserts

Turkish desserts will challenge your ideas about what a dessert is! Learn why you should try boiled walnuts, sweet olives, eggplants, and chicken pudding.

Rosewater sütlaç, pistachio crumble recipe : SBS Food

Rosewater sütlaç, pistachio crumble

14 reviews
60 minutes

This sweet dish has to be one of the best things I ate throughout all my travels in Turkey. It was so cold in the Trabzon mountains that all I wanted to do was rug up next to a fire and toast marshmallows. This dessert combines the best of both worlds! The secret to making the sütlaç so creamy is to reduce the milk and slowly add it to the rice as you would a risotto. At the restaurant, we serve it warm, but it is equally delicious cold. You can make the marshmallow ice-cream and pistachio…

Turkish delight recipe : SBS Food
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Turkish delight

If you love rosewater then these sweet delights should be on your menu. Red food colouring is most common but you can get creative with other colours if you wish.

Prawn and feta pide recipe : SBS Food

Prawn and feta pide

36 reviews
70 minutes

This is the perfect snack to share with friends and a few beers. Once you’ve got the dough sorted, you can pretty much fill it with anything you like. If pastirma is not really your thing, use any other cured meat, such as Spanish jamon or chorizo.