Anıl Sönmez

Anıl Sönmez
Istanbul / Turkey / Industirial Product Designer
Anıl Sönmez
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Surf Boards Marble

above: surf art not fashion “the marble surfboards above were part of the belgian marbles show produced by the reena spaulings gallery; made of marble, they are precise copies of boards from the mollusk surf shop in brooklyn.

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Easy steps to learn how to wax a surfboard. Watch this video explain in detail how to wax a surfboard the right way so it lasts longer and works better.

Lutz Wagner aka Moto Waganari creates transparent network-sculptures which outline a delicate body frame. By illuminating his sculptures the artists multiplies his three dimensional objects by a two dimensional shadow revealing the immaterial alter ego of every figure. His characters seem to visualize a surreal, parallel world filled with surprise and enigma. Moto Waganari’s sculptures seduce the spectator with their appealing beauty and sophisticated weightlessness.

German artist Moto Waganari crafts intricate human sculptures using filigree wires, but there are hidden surprises in his works of wired art. The artist uses light to tease out the ‘alter egos’ of his sculptures, which splay out on the wall as dramatic, t