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an open book with some type of artwork on it's cover and the pages are black and white
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Lilypad Magazine - Issue 3 - One Size
In the editors own words, "Lilypad is a biannual magazine focusing on profiling artists, graffiti, skateboarding, vagabond travel, and the lives of certain characters and acquaintances of ours operating in those fields. The spirit of the magazine is a mixture of an old skate mag and a punk zine - easy to digest, an unpretentious and all-inclusive magazine. It will be a tangible archive of what is happening within our zeitgeist". Features contributions from James S Ferrell (she skin), Ryan Witt, Keegan Dakkar, Zainab Jama, Fatso, Cash Francis, Eden, Sabrina Fuentes, Sam Hughes, Twiggy, Michael Kopelman, Alexis Landín, Jerry Hsu, Keith Debottis, Owen Borges, Kevin Lee, Lowell Horvitz and more. Includes 2 Double Sided Posters Cover photograph: Chris Kennedy