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an info sheet with the words how big can i print that? and what does it mean
A Handy Guide to Image Print Resolutions — Cool Infographics
the design process is depicted in this poster
The Design Process is an approach for breaking down a large project into manageable chunks. Architects, engineers, scientists, and other thinkers use the design process to solve a variety of problems. Use this process to define the steps needed to tackle each project, and remember to hold to all of your ideas and sketches throughout the process.
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Now You Saved Your important Hours. These tools are better than Chat gpt #chatgpt #ai #aiart #midjo
a red and white sculpture sitting in the middle of a room filled with tables and chairs
Q&A: Marc Fornes on Creating Intricate Sculptures With Code - Interior Design
the moon phases technology project with an image of an astronaut floating in space and text that reads
Moon Phases Project FREEBIE
Digital activity for learning about the phases of the moon: FREE technology project directions and grading rubric. Create an animated gif of the moon going through all of the different phases. A paperless project for Chromebooks, laptops and computers