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Delores Orridge Naskrent Art is my passion and I am a multi medium artist, high school art teacher and entrepreneur. Have students pick a magazine ad and add design elements to make it art

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zentangle en foto/tijdschrift

Take a magazine picture and zentangle around it. Or kids' photograph. grade worked with full pose models from magazines; adding zendoodle and gold wrapping paper pieces for study of Gustav Klimt

malla: İyi Pazarlar !...

zentangle face heidi notes: find a picture and cut away. think about what patterns are right, zentangle some. leave room to wrap words around forms so you can journal or choose a few words describing your musings.

Draw the spiderweb with glue and the spider with a sharpie then paint with watercolors

Maybe for Charlote's Web (?) Water color crayon resist artwork, an Original watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey, but could be adapted for a children's art activity. Great for a fall wall hanging or spider picture for the fridge!