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Love spending time in our clean home. But also, don't touch nothing after I cleaned.
Moving with plants is not only a tremendous hassle, it is super stressful 😟 ⁣⁣ • Will my plants be damaged in the move? 💔⁣⁣ • Will I be left with a huge mess in my vehicle? 🧹⁣⁣ • Will they acclimate to my new home ecosystem? 🏠⁣⁣ Some Helpful Tips! 🦟 Your plants are likely to be mixed together in close quarters so give them a thorough pest inspection and cleaning before moving⁣⁣ 📦 ⁣⁣Brown packing paper is your best friend. I primarily use it to cover the soil to reduce spillage, but you can also wrap the leaves to protect them from damage and cold temps. I also add the paper in between the pots to prevent them from rolling around and bumping into each other (a t shirt or blanket works well too)⁣⁣ ❄️I didn’t have to worry about this, but if you’re moving during the winter or
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