Natural terrace pool, Pamukkale, Turkey.

Pamukkale natural hot springs/pools in Turkey. "Pamukkale" means "cotton castle" in Turkish.

Kaş, Antalya, Turkey

Kaş, Antalya, Turkey, amazing place, I loved it I literally know my whole way around

Beehive houses Anatolia, Turkey.

Beehive adobe buildings of Harran, south west Anatolia, Turkey. Harran is famous for its traditional beehive adobe houses, constructed entirely without wood.

Baklava, Istanbul #food

TURKEY - Baklava, Istanbul that is one tall baklava. Layers of thin pastries, honey, nuts, and something else. but usually severed in the states about tall.

Cilveli Kahve - Manisa  Turkish Coffee w Almond Bits

Cilveli Kahve - Manisa Turkish Coffee topped with smashed almond


Some of the best food products in Istanbul, such as dried fruits, nuts, natural honey, Turkish delight and sucuk (a spicy sausage).

Turkish coffee #drinks

Wasabi Prime: Mixed Plate: Coffee and Brinner on a Midwinter's Night