Love the idea of illuminating a backyard with mason jar candle holders hanging from trees - cute to light the way for the long outdoor reception

Antik Zafer Esi - Oya - Turkish Needle Lace

Antik Zafer Esi - Oya - Turkish Needle Lace love the colors

Asia/Europe - Turkey: Oya

Little Treasures: Oya Crochet or the Language of Anatolian Women

OYA Silk Needle Lace Necklace Hand made Turkish lace by OYASHOP

OYA Silk Needle Lace Necklace, Hand made Turkish lace (igne oya) necklace


Scarf edged with 'Íğne oyası' (Turkish lace, made with the needle).

Turkish needle lace

Cosido Lace: Oya Single knots make this needle lace flower.