Корзинка. Плетение из шпагата. | Забавы от Натальи... Really neat little baskets!!

Плетение из газеты, шпагата


Could adapt for stories about sheep, Bible verses about sheep, etc. (Year of the Sheep or Farm Activity)

make this a PUMPKIN

What a super cute craft for small children! And a great way to introduce some underwater creatures!

A baloon n. 09 plus a small glass bottle (coconut milk type)... Voilá a table center piece!

awesome quick and effective way to make party or wedding garden summer lighting for tables from balloons and a bottle Cover a plain bottle with a decorative holiday balloon and bam!

Creative Storage, Early Childhood Education, Activities, Binder, Preschool, Father's Day, Bricolage, Graphics

Vaso plástico, hilo de cáñamo, cintas de broderie... una canastita!

basket weaving using clear dixie cup and string, yarn or raffia. great project for kids. Chinese maybe? I dunno, but its pretty self explanatory.

Çok güzel ve basit köprülü tığ oyası modeli - YouTube

Çok güzel ve basit köprülü tığ oyası modeli - YouTube