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a bulletin board with some writing on it and paper strips attached to the back of it
But first, let me thank you for telling me
Message to students
a stack of wooden blocks sitting on top of a wooden floor next to two white tags
Test Prep Tips
This could be done with order of operations, equations, etc.
a paper plate with a graduation hat on it and some yellow items in the background
Graduation kinders
graduation kinders- so cute!
four printable memory book pages for children
End of the Year Memory Book and Activities
End of the Year Memory Book K-!.$
there are pictures of strawberries and the words we are as sweet as strawberries
We are as sweet as strawberries: activities based on books by Audrey & Don Woods (building self-awareness, working on sharing, and honing fine motor skills)
an ad with the caption that reads, she spilled the beans and told to each other
Literary Device and Figurative Language Posters Revised
My Teaching Spirit: Literary Device and Figurative Language Posters Revised
a child's drawing of a tennis player on a piece of paper next to a roll of toilet paper
Mix-n-Match Similes and Metaphors
5th grade lesson plan for similes/metaphors
a printable worksheet with words and pictures
2nd Grade Smarty-Arties taught by the Groovy Grandma!
silent e
an orange bulletin board with words written on it and emoticions in the background
It's That Time...LONG VOWELS!!
Long Vowels
a sneaky e poster with an orange shoe
Sneaky E - Freebie
Sneaky E - Freebie as seen on Third Grade Troop www.thirdgradetroop.com