Apple Roses I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree

denna vackra rosformade dessert gjort på äpplen som lindats in i smördeg

Cute baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, anytime party idea. Just change the chocolate or sprinkle colors.

OREO POPS The only thing better than an Oreo cookie is a chocolate covered Oreo. The only thing better than a chocolate covered Oreo is a chocolate covered

Apple Honey Challah

Such a beautiful and yummy take on apple pie - (this is actually a challah recipe, apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah. I would love to try it with pie crust though!

Strawberry Surprise Cake!! I think I'd core the strawberries first before putting them in the cake.

Strawberry Surprise Cake

I just thought this was cool, so i pinned it.cut the core before▪▪Strawberry Surprise Cake! I think I'd core the strawberries first before putting them in the cake.

Roulé vanille fraise

Valentine's Day ~ "Love is All Around" Cake Roll {Heart-patterned cake roll made easier with a CAKE MIX, filled with a cloud-like whipped cream cheese frosting, and unveils a cute heart with every slice}

Bisküvili Porsiyonluk Pasta Tarifi

Bisküvili Porsiyonluk Pasta Tarifi

Mini Cheesecakes, Cake Cookies, Pasta Cheese, Dessert Trifles, Turkish Delight, Waffel, Tiramisu, Eggplants, Tortilla

Porsiyonluk Kalp Pasta Tarifi

Porsiyonluk Kalp Pasta Tarifi

Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes, Mini Cheesecakes, Arabic Sweets, Perfect Food, Pudding Cake, Diy Crafts, Eclairs, Fruit, Cake Baking