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DIY Cardboard Tube Rocket by #DIY #KIds #Toys #Cardboard_Rocket #Upcycle

Planes - Happy Birthday Nolan :) my first Planes themed cake YaY!!!! The birthday boy requested real toys on his cake (I was hoping to make a couple fondant ones... darn it) but I really like how this came together :) TFL <3

How to Make a Mini Zip Line Moving Toy Crafts Idea for Kids

Can your foam plate do this? Build your own F22 Model Glider Airplane in a few minutes. Project #34

Have you ever seen a paper airplane break the sound barrier? Made from CDs, pocket fans, and a few other common supplies, this paper airplane launcher really lets them fly.

Learn to make a foam glider airplane from styrofoam picnic plates! Simple SonicDad Project Plans show you how to build it from common household items. Project #40 at

How to DIY Plastic Bottle Toy Helicopter

<input class="jpibfi" type="hidden" ><p>With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can make some interesting toys with very simple materials or something we are going to discard, such as plastic bottle and drinking straws. Here is a fun DIY project to make a toy helicopter to entertain the kids (source). What a creative idea. …</p>

Toilet Roll Crafts - Paper Aeroplanes

How to make a toilet roll plane, a simple and sweet handmade toy to take flight in the thrill-seeking hands of your little ones. Toilet roll crafts for kids.