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Arda Saldamlı
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Gandalf and Bilbo in lego... I kinda want to enlist Phil to make this for me...

To kick-off Comic-Con International, we thought you would enjoy seeing these life-size LEGO Lord of the Rings models - Bilbo Baggins Gandalf - that made the trip all the way from Middle Earth! (LEGO FB page)

LEGO panda.

A LEGO brick from 1958 would still interlock with a LEGO brick made today. LEGO bricks are part of a "universal system," so that regardless of the year it was made and the set it belongs to, each piece is compatible with existing pieces.

Incredible LEGO Creations!!!!!

Talk about pet friendly! This display is out of this world on the creative scale. As if creating people from Legos was hard enough, this is pure skill. Now our furry friends can see what it feels like from the outside looking in.