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Dark sun

Unconventional ideas scare me. Putting the sphere through the triangle is a prime example of an unconventional idea. The fact that the picture is shrouded in darkness illustrates my overall mood toward ideas that are new and different.


MONKEY COOKIN' book cover book cover Book Cover Book Cover Smart book jacket design for The End of Food by Paul Roberts**

A project by Am I Collective commissioned by DRAFT FCB, USA and it was for a dockers USA campaign aimed at promoting their line of cargo pants. #typography #design #posters

The layering and texture makes for a visually interesting piece. The use of type to make up the body is a creative idea and I could use that in my ads, but use the text from the book allocated.


Poster for Paris Rock Music Festival by French illustrator Mathilde Aubier love! mix of pattern, illustration with b/w image.