Cat dolls

Cat dolls- I have a cat. I do not want a ton of cat stuff- I have the real deal- but these are kinda cute.great traditional mexican aztec folk art style ornaments or toys

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Santa Elise Fox and Elfi cat, bespoke dolls by Alice Mary Lynch Doll Maker

alice mary lynch

alice mary lynch art doll more than plushie but very beautiful bunnies going to the easter ball

Alice Mary Lynch

Previous pinner writes-- July 2013 Marlowe Cat Marlowe Cat was a special commission from a lovely lady called Jess as a gift to her good friend, Sienna Miller’s.

stress free bill

Art Dolls - Sculpture - hand made dolls and characters - soft sculptured cat - there is just something interesting about this cat! It reminds me of Bill the Cat in a comic strip and a crazy siamese cat we had that was a bit nuts!