Free String Art Patterns | Geometry project: Literal Line Art by Susurratrix on deviantART

I have no idea what category this goes in, but it was a class project that I like. :/ it's not line art, though. Geometry project: Literal Line Art


Mosaic Pictures, Goldwork, String Art, Filo, Mosaics, Embroidery, Ribbons, Frames, Mosaic

Nail String, Diy String Art, String Art Patterns, Balerina, Kaftan, Peacock, Quilling, Spikes, Yarns

Nail String Art, String Pictures, Paper Embroidery, Diy Art, Filo, Artsy Fartsy, Art Projects, Art Ideas, Spikes

String Art, Paper Art, Rues, Stained Glass, Quilling, Typography, Spikes, Paper Art Design, Letterpresses

String Art, Filo, Calligraphy

FİLOGRAFİ aşkı - Google'da Ara

FİLOGRAFİ aşkı - Google'da Ara

String Art, Calligraphy

Thread Art, Drawing Ideas, String Art, Stitching, Thread Painting, Couture, Stitch, Sew, Embroidery