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Unknow (Saeran) - MC

Ohmygawd imagine at the beginning when you refuse yo enter the hse and he comes to try to get you and you ar just likeits okay kid we will return the phone some other way. Btw did you eat yet?

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I came up with an idea that what if the girl who gave a bun to saeyoung was mc who was travelling with parents and came across with saeyoung. just imagine cute little shy saeyoung boy meet little.

// I don't know what this is but its great

// I don't know what this is but its great << you saved it to a MM board, so I'm assuming you know the game. These four girls are all of the different default avatars you can choose for MC.

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This ship is not okay with me. Chat is NOT in love with Marinette. Marinette is NOT in love with Chat. Adrien/Chat loves Ladybug, and Marinette/Ladybug loves Adrien. This ship is almost as far as you can get from okay.