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Kickstarter project waarin VR en AR wordt gecombineerd in één device.

Team Impression Pi is raising funds for Impression π: Wireless VR+AR with Gesture+Position Tracking on Kickstarter! A Wireless Virtual Reality HMD that's Fashionable & Compact;

Real-Life Holodeck: 3D Holograms You Can Touch & Feel - A multi-point, midair haptic feedback system using ultrasound to add sensation to holographic representation has just received a round of seed funding toward further development of their futuristic responsive interface design.

Ultrasound is focused to create the shape of a virtual sphere. Allowing users to be able to feel a hologram. Image credit: © Bristol Interaction and Graphics group, University of Bristol.

Hologram projector - USC Lab Creates 3-D Holographic Displays, Brings TIE Fighters to Life

Researchers at the University of Southern California’s ICT Graphics Lab have created a new type of holographic display that can generate simultaneous views for multiple observers without the need for special glasses. The setup also happens to be relati

Holographic reconstruction of a face to be used in medical science. (Holographic Video Machine 2015)

Researchers managed to create perhaps the most realistic holographic technology to date. It brings the epic Star Wars Tie Fighter to life in 360 degrees.