'Bismillah' in kufic script

'Bismillah al rahman al rahim' In The Name of God, The Beneficient, The Merciful. In square Kufic script.

Thanos was subject to the Deviant gene at birth. As a result, Thanos became like that of a 'mutant' of Titan (the sixth moon of Saturn) where he developed a purple, hide-like skin which allowed him to absorb cosmic energy at an atomic level, then manipulate it into kinetic force by conscious choice. Along with strength and other physical abilities making him the most powerful Titan. The mutation also augmented the powers he possessed as a descendant of the Eternals. (Marvel comics)…

Thanos is a fictional character, a supervillan in the Marvel Comic universe. With his infinite gauntlet.

For a future dream home inshAllah..."My success is only with Allah (God)"

My Success is Only With Allah - Decal

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